Putin on EAEU’s digital transport corridors


Vladimir Putin took part in the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Kazakhstan, presidential web page reported.

Addressing the Council members, he noted that with establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union five years ago, a common market embracing over 180 mio consumers was set, and the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital, and workforce was established.

According to Russia’s President, “Last year the cumulative GDP of the EAEU states increased by 2.5% to $2.2 tln. The aggregate increase in industrial production was 3.1%. Trade with third countries gained 18.8%.”

As he said, “The EAEU countries have good prospects for building up cooperation in the field of digital economy. In the near future, they plan to launch pilot projects in labeling and traceability of goods and the organization of digital transport corridors, which will significantly increase the transit of goods across the EAEU customs territory.”

He also mentioned “Effective technology transfer, the development of an open and supportive business environment – all this will be more effectively addressed with digital solutions. For this purpose, a unified information database on manufacturers and their products is being developed as part of our association.”

“The range of the EAEU’s economic partners is continuously expanding. Today, we will adopt a decision to sign a free trade zone agreement with Serbia. The talks on a similar document with Singapore are nearing the final stage. Today, Singapore has been recognized as the most competitive economy in the world. The ratification of a transitional agreement with Iran is close to completion. We hope for equally dynamic work with Israel, Egypt and India,” he stressed.

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