RDIF and the State Hermitage Museum to present the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence during SPIEF-2019

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, and The State Hermitage Museum will present an exhibition “Artificial Intelligence and Intercultural Dialogue” dedicated to the creative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Exhibition will be launched during this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Russia’s first major international art exhibition exploring AI’s role in modern art will open in the Hermitage’s General Staff Building (Historical Archive Hall) on June 6th, the first day of SPIEF and will be a part of the forum’s cultural program.

RDIF and its international partners are already investing in AI technologies, which, according to experts, can add $13tln to the global economy by 2030, drastically transforming many sectors. Many countries are already developing their own AI programs.

AI technology is used to process large volumes of data, including images. In recent years, the use of AI has helped to achieve revolutionary results in cybersecurity, banking and marketing, as a result of facial recognition technology.

AI-based contemporary art has received global recognition, following the sale of “The portrait of Edmond Belami”, a painting created by the French art group Obvious, at Christie’s for $432,5K on October 25, 2018.

Artists and computer programmers from Obvious used generative-adversarial network (GAN) algorithms, designed in 2014 to create the painting. GAN is able to simultaneously run two algorithms. One algorithm constantly generates images, while the second one thoroughly processes them, filtering out the failed images.

The invention of generative-adversarial networks has enabled artificial intelligence systems to process information in a manner that is closer to that of the human brain. This enables it to use imagination and take a critical approach to the received information. The activity of both algorithms in GAN is balanced and excludes conflict, facilitating the best results.

Three artworks from Obvious “Series of portraits of fictious Belami family” as well as works of other AI-based art stars will be exhibited for the first time in Russia.

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