Realtors and builders are the wealthiest people in Russia

The highest-paying jobs in Russia are in manufacturing, transport, construction and real estate, according to a report by the Rostrud federal labor and employment regulator. Employers in these industries offer monthly compensations of RUR 80K ($1,200) or higher.

Pilots and sea captains have the highest salaries, about RUR 300K-400K ($4.5K-$6K), followed by drivers of mining excavation machines – RUR 200K ($3K), RIA Novosti reports. However, there are few such jobs on offer; it is much easier to find a job as a bulldozer or truck driver, an engineer, electric welder or construction manager – these are the highest paying occupations in these industries.

The highest paying job offer in Moscow is the position of head of Coca-Cola Soft Drink Consulting, with a salary of up to RUR 560K ($8.5K). The second highest is head of sales at the Barrier-Free Alliance Association, up to RUR 500K ($7.6K). One of the highest paid jobs offered in the public domain is a Red Wings pilot, up to RUR 350K ($5.3K) per month.

Regions of the North Caucasus and the Siberian Federal Districts are the worst places to get a job; Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan have the smallest number of offers.

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