Regions of Russia will be equipped with drones

Russian regions can declare their needs for drones, and also in services provided by drones. Appropriate portal for information collection was created on the website of JSC “Public Transport Leasing Company” (PTLC), a press release of the organization states.

Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti

The data that PTLC aggregates on behalf of the government will form the basis of the public civil order for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), its approval is expected in the second quarter of this year.

PTLC will become the base customer of the UAV, the company’s task is to consolidate demand and the formation of a stable long-term order for civilian drones for the needs of the country’s economy, stimulating the production and localization of drones.

“Currently the most interested in applying technologies with the use of UAVs, in our opinion, are large enterprises of rural farms; companies with long linear infrastructure facilities (energy, transport, gas and oil pipelines, etc.); organizations of forest and fire protection, environmental monitoring, – the press service of PTLC explained “Invest Foresight”. – We see great potential in the segment of logistics for long-distance cargo delivery in areas with low population density, as well for “last mile” delivery. At the same time, entities of the Russian Federation have an extensive communal, transport, energy infrastructure, on their territory there is a large number of natural and other objects requiring, for example, progress monitoring for construction of infrastructure facilities, forest fire situation, floods, etc.”

In 2022, the volume of the unmanned services market in Russia exceeded 13 billion rubles, by 2025, experts predict its increase to 50 billion rubles, by 2030 the forecast is up to 120 billion rubles.

“We see significant demand for such services, for example, in transport industry, construction, energy, agriculture, in the field of security and health care. We pre-estimate demand for UAVs for the next 3 years for at least 8 thousand units of unmanned aircrafts of different classes and types for aircraft civil works. We expect that the active phase of development of the unmanned aviation market in Russia will begin in 2024, and its formation will be completed by 2030”, the PTLC noted.

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