Remote workers in Russia will have their costs compensated

The Labor Code may be amended to compensate employees for expenses incurred during telework. The Ministry of Labor has supported a remote work bill that provides for the compensation of remote employees’ costs.

In particular, employees may be compensated for their personal equipment wear when they use it for work. The bill also spells out the basic conditions for telework and is aimed at protecting the rights of remote employees, Izvestia writes.

The sponsors of the bill argue that employees working from home use their personal equipment, and therefore must be compensated for additional costs. A relevant clause may be added to employment contracts in the future. At present, this issue is not regulated in any way.

If the Labor Code is amended, employees will be entitled to ask for compensation of their electricity costs and depreciation of their personal computers, Izvestia writes. The employer can increase their salary to incorporate these additional costs or offer some other solution.

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