Review of 2018 and expectations for 2019

Opening of the Crimean Bridge and the pension reform both took the first place in the ranking of the most important events of 2018 (noted by almost every other respondent).

The events in 2018 were seen as a little more pessimistic that the year before. More Russians said that the outgoing year was “more difficult than the previous one.” At the same time, 57% of respondents said that for them personally, the year was “successful” (one in every three respondents thought otherwise).

Almost two-thirds of Russian residents (64%) have good hopes for the upcoming year. At the same time, 62% respondents do not rule out the possibility of corruption scandals and resignations. Fifty-seven percent are expecting an economic crisis; 44% are expecting mass riots. Only 15% are expecting a coup, 19% are expecting a war with the United States and 23% are expecting inter-ethnic clashes.

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