Rostelecom makes Russia ready to respond to cyberthreats


Mikhail Oseyevsky, President of Russia’s largest provider of digital services and solutions Rostelecom, was received by Vladimir Putin, presidential web page reported. Oseyevsky described Rostelecom’s performance results and targets.

As he noted, Rostelecom is proceeding with “further development of digital technology in the state. One of the positive examples of this is a digital technology development program for the prosecution service. The program facilitates the provision of more than 50,000 modern workstations in 3,000 public prosecution offices across the country. The Prosecutor General has strongly supported this project. We are moving really fast. By 2021, a vast amount of work, including document storage and transfer, will be carried out digitally. Of course, this is very important for a country like Russia.”

According to Oseyevsky, “We are working on cybersecurity projects which are in great demand by both businesses and the government. There are several hundred people in the company dealing with these issues. We have several cybersecurity centers that operate 24/7 to monitor the current situation and respond rapidly to cyberthreats.”

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