Russia announces three electric car projects

In a few years, Russia may launch the production of its own electric vehicles, Alexander Morozov, deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, told RIA Novosti.

Moreover, Russian producers plan to develop as many as three different electric car brands. The Motorinvest project in Lipetsk is likely to be the first to present its electric vehicle. Next, according to Alexander Morozov’s forecasts, Zetta is going to launch its City Modul 1, followed by the Kama-1 model. Commercial production of domestic electric vehicles can be launched in two to three years.

The Zetta project is in the process of certification; Kamaz is considering the launch of a separate plant for its Kama-1 electric vehicles.

According to the Autostat agency’s earlier estimates, the demand for electricity-powered cars in Russia has grown tenfold. However, there are still very few such cars in the country: Russians purchased less than 150 electric cars from May 2020 to May 2021.

Earlier reports said Europe is considering an effective ban on new fossil-fuel car sales from 2035.

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