Russia builds new combat robot

The Marker robotic platform was displayed at a test site in Magnitogorsk. 

Photo: RIA Novosti | Ivan Suraev

This prototype will be used for technology adjustment and the development of land military robots. But, according to the Interfax news agency, the Marker already can lay the route and follow it autonomously, both in the city and on the cross-country terrain. In addition, the platform allows for launching UAVs from its surface. 

In the nearest future, the technology could be employed by the Armed Forces to develop a new military robot while the platform can be used to carry weapons systems. 

The developer of the platform is Androidnaya Tekhnika, known as the creator of the FEDOR humanoid robot, which was launched to the International Space Station this summer. The Marker project has been implemented together with the National Center for the Development of Technology and Basic Robotic Elements of the Foundation for Advanced Research since the spring of 2018.

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