Russia develops 3D glasses for operating robots

Credit: Sergej Pyatakov | RIAN

A 3D glasses model for controlling robots has been developed in Russia, allowing operators to issue commands faster while remotely operating robotic devices.

Operators will be able to see the world through a robot’s eyes, with the effect of full virtual immersion. This will allow making more accurate decisions while remotely controlling robot equipment. The glasses will help operators recognize the targets and navigate their way around. The company that developed the new device is Shvabe Holding, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation. The glasses will become a gadget for a robotic complex, with the development work currently underway. In particular, the operator’s position will soon be set up to control the robots with the use of the newly developed device, RIA Novosti news agency reported. The company first announced plans to create robot-controlling glasses this past summer.

Shvabe Holding has recently presented another development, an unmanned aerial vehicle Orion-Drone capable of monitoring environment even in conditions of zero visibility. The drone will be used for assessing road surface quality and for search and rescue activities.

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