Russia launches railway traffic at Europe’s longest bridge

Vladimir Putin took part in the opening of the Crimean Bridge to railway traffic, presidential web page reports. From the Taman Peninsula, the 19-km-long bridge runs along a 5-km long dam and Tuzla Island, crosses the Kerch Strait and ends on the Crimean coast. The bridge ensures uninterrupted traffic between Crimea and other Russian regions. The transport crossing consists of a motorway and a railway running parallel to each other. The bridge’s motorway section opened in May 2018, and freight traffic was launched in the autumn of 2018. There are plans to start operating freight trains in the summer of 2020.


According to the President, the event “is important for Crimea, Sevastopol, the entire south of Russia and the whole of Russia, because such infrastructure facilities as this tremendous bridge will influence the entire economy. By now, millions of cars have used the bridge since it was opened and millions of passengers will travel this way next year. Almost 14 mio passengers and 13 mio tons of cargo are expected next year.”

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