Russia may introduce basic income guarantee

Russia may soon introduce basic income guarantee, according to the forecast voiced by Presidential Aide Sergei Glazyev who spoke at the Step Into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy forum.

“After all, we are the wealthiest country in terms of per capita earnings and we must remember it,” Sergei Glazyev said. “If less wealthy countries are introducing per capita income guaranteed for each person, I believe that this humanitarian innovation will extend to our social state.”

Sergei Glazyev shared his forecast regarding the basic income guarantee as he spoke about the challenges for the young generation amidst the development of the digital economy.

“Now a person has a choice whether to explore these opportunities and learn digital technology, programming and artificial intelligence – or step outside the workplace and be content with the minimal per capita income. I am sure this guarantee will soon be implemented in Russia as well.”

According to the February 2018 survey by HeadHunter, the concept of basic income guarantee was supported by 62% of employed Russians. Twenty percent did not agree with the idea of regular payments by the government to all citizens. In 2017, Finland started a two-year experiment of basic income guarantee. Last spring it was announced that the experiment will not be continued, at least not in the nearest future.

The 2nd Step Into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy international scientific forum took place on December 6-7 at the State University of Management.

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