Russia standing on the threshold of drastic changes – President


Vladimir Putin took part in the School of Tomorrow national open lesson held as part of the ProyeKTOriya career guidance forum, via teleconference, presidential web page reports.

“Russia and the entire world are standing on the threshold of drastic changes linked with state-of-the-art technologies which are changing the world at a breath-taking pace and right before our very own eyes,” – he said, addressing the audience. “It is of great importance that young people should choose fields where they can prove their worth, where they can score top results and unlock their potential for the benefit of their families, their friends and the entire country.”

“This year alone, 250K young people enrolled at major national enterprises and companies dealing with innovations, including new materials, medicine, unmanned transport systems, artificial intelligence and biology in the broadest sense of the word, including genetic research,” he noted. “All this is so important that it will determine the future of this country – not just your own future but also that of your children and grandchildren.”

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