Russian citizen buys MegaBots fighting robot for $170,000

An unidentified Russian citizen has purchased a MegaBots robot for $170,000 at an eBay online auction. The giant combat device is almost five meters tall and weighs 15 tons.

Two years ago, the robot, developed by the American startup company MegaBots, challenged Tokyo-based Suidobashi Heavy Industries in a giant android robot combat, the first and only fight of the kind.

MegaBots has recently filed for bankruptcy and put up the robot for sale through the eBay online auction platform. The initial price was $1; however, it was purchased by an unidentified person from Russia for as much as $170,000. The robot manufacturers claim that building the device cost $2.5 mio, the N+1 website reported.

Along with the 15-ton robot powered by a 430-horsepower engine, the new owner will also receive a shipping container of free spare parts and some swappable weapon attachments. The manufacturers say the combat machine can help earn up to $150,000 for a single performance – yet, it is highly questionable whether this is realistic in Russia.

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