Russian companies analyzed cup of coffee price

Sberbank and its ecosystem members – OFD Platform and Evotor – have teamed up with the Yandex.Market marketplace to analyze the price of a cup of coffee people make at home or buy in a coffee shop. The study was carried out under SberData, a Sberbank project to analyze and process big data.

Yandex.Market has analyzed the demand for coffee and accessories in the first and second quarters of 2019. According to the paper, coffee beans enjoyed the biggest demand of all coffee types on the marketplace. 

Ranking second are capsules followed by ground coffee. Popular ground coffee lots depreciated the most, having slid 22% over the quarter. Instant coffee got 5% cheaper, pods lost 4%, while the price for beans fell 2%.

In a separate study analysts calculated the price for a pod coffee cup in 2Q 2019. The price for the most popular pod coffee machines on Yandex.Market averaged RUR 7,2K ($112), while the price for one coffee capsule averaged RUR 21 ($0,33). This means that for a pod machine owner drinking a cup a day over a year the price for a cup would be RUR 40 ($0,63), electricity and water costs excluded. Over two years, the price would stand at RUR 31 ($0,48) sliding to RUR 27 ($0,42) in three years.

Analysts of OFD Platform, Russia’s largest fiscal data operator, believe that coffee shops saw fewer clients this summer amid relatively cold weather. Higher purchase frequency in Jul-Aug was spotted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Central Russia.

With coffee shops serving all kinds of food, the average order value totaled RUR 966 ($15) in Jul-Aug 2019. AOV with more affordable cafés stood at RUR 394 ($6,1). With takeaway coffee shops the AOV was RUR 93 ($1,45) lower standing at RUR 301 ($4.68).

Evator analyst say Moscow sells the most expensive cup of coffee. In Jul-Sept 2019 the average coffee cup price in Moscow reached RUR 137 ($2,13). Among all million cities, Nizhny Novgorod markets the most affordable coffee, priced at RUR 105 ($1,63).

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