Russian-Cuban trade grew by 30%

During his visit to Cuba, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke to Sergei Brilyov, anchor of News on Saturday program on Rossiya TV Channel, website of the government reported.

When talking about bilateral cooperation with Cuba, Medvedev said Russia will “help Cuba get oil and petroleum products, there will be a work plan for energy supplies to Cuba, bearing in mind conventional energy sources, hydrocarbons, and maybe some other available avenues.”

He noted the need “to expand economic ties with Cuba. In recent years, they have been quite successful. First, trade has grown quite significantly, by 20 to 30% in recent years. Of course, that’s not a lot, but it translates into hundreds of millions of dollars. Second, investment is on the rise. We have just signed an agreement with the Cubans to renovate their entire railway system. It’s almost 1,000 kilometers. We are also talking about the sale of airplanes and maintenance for those that are already here.” Metallurgy, a thermal power station, alternative power generation, and agriculture were also discussed, he said.

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