Russian Helicopters’ operation in Indonesia

Russia’s Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAP) launches Mi-8/171 type helicopter test operation program, which is aimed to assess all advantages of helicopters real operation in conjunction with all available corporate support tools and implemented aftersales services of Russian Helicopters, corporate website reports. The pilot project is being implemented in Indonesia, where two Mi-8AMT helicopters are already involved in firefighting operations.


Helicopters sent to the Republic of Indonesia with crew and technical staff of U-UAP were relocated to the island of Kalimantan almost immediately upon arrival, to extinguish forest fires. Afterwards, the rotorcraft will be on operational duty in the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan.

A contract with PT.National Utility Helicopters (PT.NUH), a utility helicopter operator in Indonesia with 50 years of experience in providing services for Indonesian government as well as private companies, has become the pilot project of this program. The main task under the contract is to carry out firefighting operations in the region, as well as provide consulting services regarding building Indonesian operators’ own air fleet for annual firefighting operationsLeonid Belykh, Managing Director of U-UAP, said.

During temporary operation of helicopters, a customer gets an opportunity to consult the company’s specialists in 24/7 mode and use replacement items and additional equipment.

One of the first Mi-171A2 helicopters manufactured by the enterprise has been participating in a test operation program at UTair-VU airline since 2018, successfully fulfilling the tasks facing the operator and demonstrating high flight performances.

Mi-8/171 helicopters have for a long time been involved in the disaster relief operations both in Russia and abroad. They have proven themselves as one of the most effective tools in firefighting, medicine delivery and casualty evacuation operations, as well as in passenger and cargo transportation to hard-to-reach areas.

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