Russian holding increased the capacity of Mongolia’s energy system by 60%

Since 2015, ROTEK Holding has been working on the modernization of Mongolia’s energy infrastructure. During this time, it was possible to put into operation over 600 MW of capacity, which exceeds 60% of the total energy of the country.

The project started with the commissioning of two power units of the largest power station in the country, Ulan-Bator ТЭЦ-4. They were brought to full capacity in 2019. Then the power engineers added another block No. 3, which worked normally in early 2020. The fourth energy block was launched in early 2021. He began supplying electricity to the grid on January 18.

Each of the turbines, according to experts, allows reducing fuel costs by $19.5 million per year. At the same time, the efficiency of all units was increased by 9%, and maneuverability – immediately by 40%. Now more than 120 thousand households, social facilities and industrial enterprises in the country are provided with light and heat.

Employees of the Ural Turbine Plant developed and manufactured the most important elements for updating all four power units of the power plant. As for the representatives of ROTEC, they developed the necessary project documentation, including technical and design estimates, plus created a project of new units. In addition, they mounted the equipment and completed all the necessary commissioning work.

The modernization of Mongolia’s power system was extremely necessary, since before the commissioning of two new power units, the country had to purchase about 250 MW per year. Now the energy deficit in Mongolia has been reduced to 100 MW.

Experts predict that Mongolia’s economic performance will recover in a short time, and after the end of the pandemic, the country’s COVID-19 economy will begin to grow.

Before the crisis, the country’s economy was actively developing, the growth indicator in 2019 was 7.3%, which is 1.2% more than China over the same period of time. According to the World Bank, Mongolia’s economy will grow by 5% over the next two years.

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