Russian market of paper hygiene products: main trends in production and management

At the moment, the market for paper hygiene products in Russia continues to develop actively. New technologies, changes in design, improving quality of materials and respect to the principles of environmental friendliness are the key to a successful business. Metin Mete, CEO of HAYAT Russia, one of the largest manufacturers of paper hygiene products, spoke about the latest trends in the production of tissue, paper towels and napkins, as well as current solutions that can help the company to take a leading position in the market.

Eco-friendly and high-tech production

Any company striving for successful development in the paper hygiene market must follow the most current trends. Eco-friendly production has long become an important part of the corporate policy of many large companies, and its popularity is only increasing every year. In Russia, the industrial sector continues to actively develop, the number of factories increases every year, and, as a result, the level of environmental pollution increases. Responsible manufacturers understand that it is possible to minimize environmental impact and help the planet only by joining forces.

Now, in the field of waste management, companies are focusing on minimizing waste at source, segregating, storing, disposing and recycling as much as possible. Many organizations are active in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy that production consumes per unit of production. All this allows them to form the image of a socially responsible company, which also has a positive effect on the market position and profits.

For example, at the production of the HAYAT company we use the cogeneration technology. It allows converting natural gas into heat, steam and electricity, which are used to make paper products. This technology existed before, but its efficiency reached 25-30%. Our professional team of engineers and experts managed to adapt it specifically to the specifics of our production. This allowed us to raise the average level of its efficiency up to 80% at all of our factories producing paper hygiene products around the world. We are proud to be the first to introduce this technology into Russian production back in 2015. Then we were just starting to work on the territory of Russia, and specialists from this field specially came to our plant to get acquainted with this cogeneration system.

Use of natural materials from responsible sources

On the market of paper hygiene products, the trend for multilayer products continues to be relevant, the 3-and 4-ply categories are growing in share and absolute figures, while 1-and 2-ply products decrease. The logical consequence from this is the trend of using natural materials. In this vein, brands, operating in premium segments, use 100% primary cellulose to produce paper and hygiene products and monitor the compliance of its production with the laws of the country. It is important that the raw materials needed to create paper hygiene products are certified and do not affect the reduction of natural resources.

Also, in addition to working with more sustainable materials, companies are taking a course to improve the functionality and differentiation of their products. Organizations involved in the production of paper hygiene products emphasize the high strength of their products, increased softness, absorbency and a reusable cycle of use. An example in confirmation of this: recently, the first five-layer Papia Pure & Soft tissue was launched on the Russian market, the toilet paper with really luxurious softness, and the first 4-ply Papia Deluxe Kitchen Towel with bamboo extract with the biggest sheet width and the ultimate absorption and strength parameters.

 Undoubtedly, improving the quality of products and using new natural materials is one of the main trends in the paper towels and tissue market, which helps companies to rapidly increase the pace and stimulate sales.

Focus on premiumness

Now manufacturers of paper hygiene products provide consumers with a large selection of goods. To stand out from other companies, organizations need to visibly highlight their competitive edge. Therefore, in addition to high quality materials, product design also plays an important role.

This attracts the attention of consumers, since the beautiful appearance allows the products to harmoniously fit into any interior. At HAYAT, we regularly invest in new production technologies in order to create unique products. One such innovation is the Pixel embossing technology, which we use in the production of tissue. Thanks to it, paper products become not only extra soft and voluminous, but also receive an exquisite design that is in demand among consumers.

Nowadays, perfumed tissue hygiene products are also very popular among consumers. HAYAT uses only high-quality multi-faceted flavor compositions, often inspired by premium perfume industry. This allows the products to comply even more with premium-tier.

CSR and HR-policy in the company

The status of a socially responsible employer is one of the important components for the formation of a company’s image. In the conditions of an actively developed market for paper hygiene products and high competition, organizations care about the opinion that is formed in the eyes of the public, therefore they actively support the trend for charitable activities. Companies participate in charity and sponsorship projects, promotions and events. Also many organizations have developed programs of action to combat the pandemic, within the framework of which they provide assistance to medical institutions in the country.

In the current post-pandemic conditions, another trend has emerged: it is the transition to remote work. For companies that care about their reputation, an important priority is the safety of employees in production, because it is almost impossible to provide them with remote work. To protect their employees, organizations are setting up health centers at workplaces. Medical workers regularly measure the temperature of the employees of the enterprise and provide first aid if necessary. All employees are provided with personal protective equipment and antiseptics, and work areas are regularly disinfected. Office employees are provided with technical equipment for remote communication from home. Many companies use a hybrid work organization format for employees, which allows them to combine remote work with office work.

Despite all the difficulties that 2020 brought, the market for paper hygiene products in Russia continues to develop actively in 2021. Companies improve the level of environmental friendliness of production, actively participate in charity, and also expand the range of products with new products. Investment projects are also important for the paper hygiene market, therefore companies are expanding their production sites in Russia and increasing the volume of production. Undoubtedly, the market for paper towels, tissue and napkins, which provides consumers with essential goods, will continue to develop actively in the future.

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