Russian military technologies at Interpolitex 2020

Russia’s Rosoboronexport weaponry exporter is taking part in Interpolitex 2020, XXIV International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision held in Moscow on October 20–23 and uses the forum for active marketing efforts to promote a wide spectrum of civilian and dual use products in the area of security provision.


Rosoboronexport continues to explore the world market of high-tech civilian and non-military products. Law enforcement agencies, anti-terrorist and other special services of the majority of our partners are actively using and rating high separate products and complex solutions, designed for the provision of security, which are developed and produced in Russia. In the context of diversification of production of the country’s defense industry enterprises and the increase in their output of civilian products, we are expanding cooperation with foreign private commercial organizations and stand ready to offer them the full range of professional equipment, which is widely represented at Interpolitex,” said Rosoboronexport’s CEO Alexander Mikheev, quoted by the corporate website. “Rosoboronexport considers cooperation with various private security companies, transport and infrastructure security services and IT companies as one of the drivers of the expansion of nomenclature and geography of cross border sales of Russia’s high-tech products. Solutions which we offer are successfully used by the Russian special and police agencies, and have good references among representatives of law enforcement agencies in foreign countries.”

Interpolitex-2020 represents exclusively civilian and dual use products. Rosoboronexport displays, in particular, electroshock devices, including Cerberus, a unique electroshock device with a metal detector capability, and the Skala electric shield. There are also means of armor protection, such as a blast suppression blanket and the Elbrus-T ballistic helmet which is an all-new product. The exhibits also include thermal sights, body armors, PB-4SP OSA  non-lethal pistol, and nonlinear junction detectors which were tested in real-world operations.

Besides, Rosoboronexport’s exhibits include Lobaev Arms rifles, such as TSVL-8 Stalingrad tactical sniper rifle, DVL-10 M1 Diversant tactical modular rifle, as well a completely new product of the worldwide renowned brand name, DVL-10 M3 Volkodav tactical modular rifle in a short and light version (weight of 4.5 kg and barrel length of 500 mm).

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