Russian regions ranked by total household deposits

Moscow and St. Petersburg are predictably at the top of the list of Russian regions by the size of private bank deposits, according to research by RIA Novosti.

The average per capita amount on deposit in Russia is almost RUR 260K ($3.55K). However, the size of deposits varies significantly depending on the region.

In particular, in Moscow, an average outstanding household deposit exceeds RUR 1 mio ($13.68K). In fact, the Russian capital is even far ahead of St. Petersburg, the country’s second-largest city – not to mention other regions. Moscow accounts for almost a third of total bank deposits, even though it is home to only 10% of the country’s population.

The average for St. Petersburg is RUR 553K. The regions with the lowest amount of funds on deposit are Ingushetia (RUR 13.6K, or $186 per capita) and Chechnya (RUR 17K, or $233).

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