Russian residential neighborhoods ‘may turn into favelas’ – expert

Russian residential agglomerations may turn into sort of favelas and ghettos, economist Yakov Mirkin said adding that ‘human ant hills have become a threat to Russia.’

Meanwhile, Russian authorities continue insisting on the necessity of creating large economic agglomerations.

According to Yakov Mirkin, Russia’s major cities see a worsening social situation and will eventually become somewhat akin to ghettos, locations where social upheavals will take place, Tsargrad TV channel reported. These neighborhoods are unsafe for children, with high-rise apartment blocks reminding of honeycomb and even prisons; there is also an increased risk of upper storey fires, the expert noted.

Construction of such residential buildings will not improve the demographic situation in Russia. The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown that such agglomerations can pose a major danger, the economist emphasized.       

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