Russian VC fund supports early-stage “classics”

TilTech Capital, a Russian VC fund, invests in what it refers to as early-stage “business classics.” This is now the fund’s new investment focus.

Earlier this fall a domestic women’s clothing brand called Dorogobogato was one of the fund’s first portfolio projects under this new investment category.

TilTech Capital helps its portfolio projects turn their enterprises into fully legitimate businesses with top-notch accountancy and managerial technologies.

The VC fund is looking at projects on various consumer markets, including SME chains, small brands with interesting concepts and proven expertise, small-scale manufacturing projects, such as apparel or foodstuffs, and other areas. TilTech Capital is ready to invest anything between $100K and $200K in an early-stage project, and up to $10m in a scaling-up stage. Companies are eligible for investments in both day-to-day activity and business expansion.

This story initially appeared in Marchmont Innovation News, Russia’s daily business news website.

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