Russians spend $93 mio on mobile devices

Credit: Nataliya Seliverstova | RIAN

Russians love gadgets. Over the first quarter of 2019, they bought 920K mobile devices and spent over RUR 6 bio ($92.6 mio), Svyaznoy Euroset reports.

Fitness trackers are the most popular purchase (61%), according to Izvestia, followed by smart watches that can substitute mobile phones and locators that determine a user’s location based on nearest WiFi hotspots.

Interestingly, the popularity of fitness trackers increased by 163% year-on-year while their cost remained the same. Smart watch sales went up by 103% compared to the previous year, the average cost falling by RUR 3K ($46) to RUR 17.9K ($276). The popularity and cost of locators remained the same as last year (the average cost decreased by only RUR 300 ($4.6).

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