Russians start scrimping on food

Credit: Vldimir Pesnya | RIAN

Russian citizens spent less on food products in July, with the average bill in supermarkets reducing by 1.8% as compared to June and amounting to RUR 546 ($8.3).

The reduction took place amidst other everyday expenses falling as well, a survey by the Romir research holding said. According to analysts, the lesser average purchase amount is due to the summer season, with reduced prices for vegetables and fruit. In addition, many residents have their household plots; they have gathered the harvest and are now spending less in food stores, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

The increase in the average grocery bill in July was observed only in Russia’s Far East, where it grew by 3.5%. In the Northwestern Federal District, it reduced by 3.2%, and in the regions of Siberia and the Urals by 3.1%, the survey revealed.

In Moscow, citizens paid an average of RUR 707 ($11) on grocery items in July, or 0.1% more as compared to June – a bill higher than Russia’s average. In St. Petersburg, customers spent an average of RUR 698, or 0.9% less as compared to June.

The survey was conducted by Romir among 40,000 Russian citizens in 220 cities and towns with population of over 10,000.

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