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Russians will make money selling their data

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is going to develop a draft law which will allow for a free circulation of user data. Russians will be able to sell their personal data to large companies and earn up to RUR 60K ($900) per year.

The fund suggests making amendments to the Law on Information to determine the owner of personal data. At the moment, the law does not clarify the ownership rights. As a result, mobile network operators can use customers’ personal data without their consent, and sell it to marketing services and advertising agencies. IIDF suggests introducing the term ‘depersonalized data’ with be a free movement of this data on the market. Users will be able to sell their personal information to businesses and receive a percentage of deal value that involved their data.  IIDF experts believe that with the new law, citizens will be able to receive from RUR 15K ($230) to RUR 60K ($900) every year, and the budget will receive money from new taxes, Kommersant daily writes. However, experts are less optimistic: they believe that the biggest sum users can count on will not exceed some several thousand rubles per year.

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