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Russia’s State Duma may introduce minimum selling price of cigarettes

Credit: Mikhail Klimentiev | RIAN

The State Duma is set to make cigarettes less accessible. First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Budget and Taxes Sergei Katasonov suggested that a minimal price should be introduced to prevent retailers from selling any brand of cigarettes below cost.

Accordion to the Parlamentskaya Gazeta publication, the deputy said he was going to make relevant legislative amendments.

“95% of cigarette brands currently cost no less than 90 rubles, and we could set a minimum price at 85 rubles,” Katasonov said.

Katasonov also believes that this could prevent cigarette smuggling. According to the deputy, in 2018, 80% of cigarettes sold in Russia were counterfeit or pirated goods, with the federal budget losing some RUR 50 bln ($763 mio).

The deputy said that the minimal price must be introduced by the state and not the producer, and this price should be reconsidered every year.

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