Sberbank and Yandex launch innovative marketplace

The leading Russian banking institution Sberbank and Internet browser of Russia’s Yandex have launched the Beru marketplace. The testing and filling of the platform with goods from verified suppliers began in May 2018. Since spring, more than 1,000 sellers have placed about 100K items in 600 categories, Sberbank press service reports. 

The marketplace now has products for children, consumer appliances and electronics, home and summer residence goods, animal products, food products, cosmetics, as well as medicines. During the test period, users made more than 180K orders and thereby helped Beru’s team to improve its service before the launch.

“Our goal is to turn Beru into a platform where anyone can buy everything they need from different sellers by making one order. Beru currently has nine segments. In autumn we added two new segments: pharmacy and food products. In the future, we plan to add new categories, extend the product range and make Beru more user friendly for our customers,” said CEO of Yandex.Market Maxim Grishakov.

The future of the e-commerce market is closely tied with increasing service quality, care about user happiness and development of technology. Yandex will help Beru to create that future, first of all by using its technological developments: virtual assistant, computer vision, neural networks for recommending goods or routing technology that allow delivery to be optimised.

“Today, the Russian online shopping market covers only 4% of the total volume of consumer purchases, while in developed countries, this number can be up to 15%. We are sure that the launch of our new major platform for online shopping will contribute to the development of the e-commerce market in Russia,” said First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank Lev Khasis.

Beru Bonuses have been added for the launch of the marketplace. When making purchases, people will receive discounts or free delivery for future orders. Beru allows you to accumulate bonuses: if a user has enough bonuses, they can buy something at a symbolic price of a single rouble.

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