Sberbank ready to develop hi-tech partnerships with South Korea

Sberbank has participated in the conference Korea-Russia Dialogue on Economic Cooperation. At the session titled ‘The Digital Economy and Innovation: New Cooperation Area’, speakers discussed interaction between South Korea and Russia in the innovation sector, as well as measures that could make it more successful and productive.

Managing Director of Sberbank’s Digital Ecosystem Development Directorate Alexander Chebotaryov shared the bank’s experience of creating and developing its ecosystem and called on representatives of the Korean business community and government to create partnerships in a number of industries, including e-commerce, telemedicine, fintech and biometrics.

“We are ready to cultivate partnerships with South Korean companies. Promising areas of development include R&D and digital retail – we have the largest online retail space in the country and we can use it to list popular products from South Korea, such as cosmetics, hygiene products and other items. Another area is development of acquiring partnerships, which will help Korean retailers boost turnover,” Alexander Chebotaryov said.

The session’s participants looked at the prospects of creating a free trade area and an innovative platform to support joint Russian-Korean start-ups. In particular, representatives of South Korea were presented with the idea of selling goods on Yandex.Market’s Bringly platform. Sberbank also proposed that South Korean tourists could use the DocDoc medical system and that South Korean clinics could join it to provide services to Russian citizens.

“South Korea is investing more in the Russian economy and a number of major Korean corporations have opened production facilities in the country,” Alexander Chebotaryov noted.

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