SberMarket doubles number of daily delivered orders

SberMarket, a nationwide company delivering groceries and necessities, has doubled the number of daily delivered orders over one month to exceed 10K, given that in March it was fulfilling only 5K orders a day, the corporate website reports.

This explosive performance is due to the unprecedented growth of the SberMarket team amid higher demand for deliveries. Even now the company creates up to 200 new jobs every day, operating in 56 cities of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Irkutsk, including all million-plus cities. The company’s geography, the number of retail partners, and the range of goods keep increasing.

Amid self-isolation the service enables residents of this huge country to have the essential items without risking their health, thus helping combat the coronavirus.

“Ten thousand orders a day is a milestone for the service. It’s the result of tremendous effort and collaborative work of SberMarket’s entire team. Our business model is proving to be very efficient and capable of being scaled up fast amid the current environment. However, we do understand that the demand for our services keeps climbing fast and SberMarket’s goal is to evolve even faster to help much more Russians get the goods from their favorite retailers at the same prices,” Asan Kurmanguzhin, CEO, SberMarket said.

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