Search-and-rescue group presents life-saving wristband

The LizaAlert search-and-rescue team has created a wristband that will help find people lost in the city.

Thousands of people go missing every year. In Russia, 180,000 people are lost annually; 45,000 of them are older than 65, and 35,000 are children.

Members of LizaAlert, a Russian nonprofit search-and-rescue volunteer organization, hope that the new smart band they developed will help change the sad statistics and return missing persons home faster, saving many lives.

The wristband can contain any information, such as the first and last name of an elderly relative with dementia, as well as a contact phone number to report the person’s whereabouts. According to LizaAlert rescuers, elderly people often get lost and sometimes forget their way home even from a few blocks away.

The new device is almost independent from energy sources (does not require frequent charging) and very easy to use. It features QR technology – the QR code can be scanned with a smartphone to see all the necessary information about the lost person on the screen.

The organization plans to test the bands in Moscow and distribute them to those who need it. Most likely the devices will be given out in schools (for children) and at local Integrated Government Service Centers (for elderly relatives).

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