Siberian region launches innovative waste management system

Russia‘s Siberian region of Kemerovo has introduced a new innovative system of waste disposal. The system uses sensors that monitor the movement of logistics companies’ trucks or agricultural vehicles. Each container has a microchip while each waste collection truck is equipped with a sensor, which reads a container’s serial number and transfers the information to a control unit.

The control unit accumulates data on the waste unloading time and the container’s location. Cameras installed on the garbage truck take photos and record videos, which provides additional control of the process. Chisty Gorod Kemerovo (The Clean City of Kemerovo), a regional operator that handles municipal solid waste of the Kemerovo Region’s North zone, has introduced this system in a test mode for more than 500 containers and 5 waste collection vehicles in the regional capital of Kemerovo and the town of Beryozovsky. In the city of Leninsk-Kuznetsky, microchips and sensors are installed on 2,000 containers and 7 waste collection trucks.

“Using sensors to track vehicles will allow for a more efficient control of waste disposal; however, a comprehensive solution to the waste problem primarily requires finding ways to recycle waste. New technologies can help achieve this”, economist Dmitry Afanasyev believes.

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