Singapore Airshow to see VRT500

Asia’s leading aerospace and defense event, Singapore Airshow 2020 will see VR-Technologies, an Urban Air Mobility pioneer, unveiling for the first time in this region the concept of VRT500 light single-engine helicopter at the Russian Helicopters’ exhibit stand.

As estimated by the International Civil Aviation Organization, air traffic volume in the Asia-Pacific region is likely to grow three-fold by 2030. This forecast opens up new prospects for the VRT500. Quickly and easily convertible, the helicopter is ready to perform various missions, including corporate and business travel and air taxi services.

Leading European companies are engaged in the development of VRT500 core systems in compliance with the international safety standards and requirements. The VRT500 helicopter will feature every conceivable system and unit to ensure a safe flight experience. It is to be equipped with the state-of-the-art avionics suite FlytX by Thales.

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