Smart safety helmets tested

Specialists of the Novokuibyshevsk refinery, an enterprise of Rosneft oil company’s Samara refining complex, in partnership with Rostelecom provider of digital services and solutions have performed pilot tests for the introduction of smart safety helmets (pieces of digital personal protective equipment) at the sites.


The new equipment helps monitor compliance with industrial safety rules at production facilities remotely, Rosneft reports at its website, noting its overall corporate strategy is aimed at establishing the highest health, safety and environment standards and at digital transformation of its business.

Each smart safety helmet is equipped with an electronic module and eight GPS-based sensors that respond to set parameters. The smart safety helmet can transmit information to an operator about an employee’s compliance with the rules on the use of personal protective equipment, or an emergency situation at work, for its trackers react to a fall from a height exceeding 1.5 meters and a strong blow to the headpiece. In addition, employees are capable to signal for help themselves. The system allows tracking the movement of employees within the perimeter of the work area. All information from the trackers is transmitted online to a single center, which collects, processes and stores the data.

The digital solution underlying the pilot project will allow for further expansion of the smart safety helmet’s functionality. In the future, this equipment is expected to be used at all existing production facilities once certificates of compliance with industrial safety requirements are obtained. For instance, they can be used to track employee health information. This initiative is aimed at improving safety at the company’s industrial facilities and the responsibility of employees in performing their production tasks.

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