Software to fight COVID-19

The Viennese startup Contextflow, which develops software for radiologists on the basis of AI, is combating COVID-19 with new features, ABA — Invest in Austria portal reports.

The spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and the European research project Khresmo recently received a grant amounting to €1.2 mio for the fight against COVID-19. The AI startup has developed new features.

«Due to the general approach of our software from a technological perspective, we could develop a version adapted to COVID-19 in close cooperation with our partner hospitals. Its underling goal is to make relevant information available to radiologists so that they can offer the best service to their patients, even under difficult conditions», explains CEO and co-founder Markus Holzer.

The new features include Triaging, an improved search for COVID-19 disease patterns and an automatic reporting generation for suspected COVID-19 patients. TRIAGE is a prioritization tool that looks for disease patterns in 3D medical images as soon as a scan is performed. Under normal circumstances, it quickly and clearly draws the radiologist’s attention to time-sensitive patients, highlighting healthy versus unhealthy regions.

The software suite from Contextflow already included a 3D image-based search engine that could search for disease patterns in lung CTs, including those present in COVID-19 patients. Now a new version searches for COVID-19-related patterns and provides a visualization of the distribution of these patterns along with the percentage of the affected lung volumes in relation to the entire lung volume.

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