Some Russians may avoid new pension reform

The State Duma may allow fathers of many children to retire early, according to a bill submitted to the lower house of the Russian parliament by the State Council of the Republic of Udmurtia.

Bill authors note that the law could relax the rules introduced by the recent pension reform for this category of men. Currently, only three categories of Russian are eligible for early retirement. These include unemployed people of pre-retirement age, people with a long record of service and mothers of three and more children, Interfax reports.

Members of the Udmurtian State Council want to expand the third beneficiary category by including fathers of three and more children. If a man has three children he will be able to retire three years earlier. Fathers of four will be able to retire four years before the retirement age.

State Duma members note that the bill is aimed at improving the demographic situation in Russia.

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