Squid Game merch breaks records

South Korean television show Squid Game has been breaking records not only for audience numbers but also for merch sales.

Search queries for Squid Game themed accessories, shoes and clothing on major marketplaces have skyrocketed in the past ten days. Wildberries, for example, has seen a 25-fold increase in the sales of products inspired by this hugely popular thriller.

The show is about people who found themselves in extremely difficult or hopeless circumstances and agree to participate in a dangerous game that promises an enormous financial prize to the winner while death awaits those who lose.

Game participants on the show are dressed in white tees, white slip-ons and green gym suits. Their supervisors wear black face masks and red overalls.

It is not surprising that this riveting show with characters that are easy to emphasize with is so successful. What is surprising is the roaring demand for the clothes associated with the losers and vagrants that are fighting for the chance to get out of their creditors’ iron grip, pay off debts and help their loved ones.

According to Variety, the sales of white Vans slip-ons (around $93) have grown by 7,800%. AliExpress customers are gobbling up gym suits with the main characters’ numbers and masks of the survival game host. Wildberries customers are buying up t-shirts and shopper bags with scenes from the show while Squid Game cups and key chains are selling like hot cakes on Ozon.

Marketing experts believe that Squid Game outfits and face masks will be more popular as Halloween costumes this year than the traditional go-to choices of Dracula and Joker.

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