STOs from Rainier and Crypto Valley

Moscow office of Rainier AG advisory group and Crypto Valley held on Thursday a conference, Advantages of STO market in comparison to classic startup venture investments, in downtown Moscow. The event was attended by numerous professionals from the investment sector and the audience was addressed by various speakers including Evgeny Kabanov, Head of Rainier AG Russia, Evgeny Egorov, CEO of 1stX STO Exchange, and Vasily Kudrin, Managing Director of Lybrion digital assets management platform.

Dr. Mattia Rattaggi, member of the Board of Directors at Crypto Valley Association, spoke of the advantages Switzerland and Crypto Valley can offer to international investors. Among many benefits of Switzerland, he mentioned progressive regulation with swift and efficient regulators, stable economy, excellent workforce education and tax incentives. Besides, far from all cryptobusinesses require licensing there.

As he said, Crypto Valley started developing its ecosystem in Zug back in 2013 and through the broad support of numerous individuals, startups, corporates, service providers, industry associations, educational institutions, governments, and regulators has grown into one of the world’s leading ecosystems for crypto, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies. He pointed out the association has been promoting a number of STOs (Security Token Offering) which are expected to start materializing next year. By now, 800 blockchain-related companies with over 4K employees operate within the association which runs numerous labs and incubators to help startups.

Crypto Valley sees Russia as a promising market which has been supported its development, Dr. Rattaggi concluded. To enjoy full benefits, interested entities are to become members of the association or use services of such Crypto Valley members as Rainier AG.

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