Teamlancers: who are they and why are they useful for industry?

Today we are witnesses of transformation even in the most conservative business sectors. A logical response to structural changes in the economy is the change in the labor market. In the long term, we are talking about the disappearance of several professions and the emergence of new ones. In the short term – we already face changes in the approach to organizing work of specialists in several fields. We are talking here about remote format of cooperation.

Teamlancers: Who are they?

Covid brought to the labor market a huge layer of self-employed and allowed to fulfill working in remote mode. According to a consulting company PriceWaterHouse, at the end of 2020, there were 14 million freelancers in Russia, which amounted to almost 20% of the total employed population at that time, while in 2019 there were only 5 million of them. According to the portal, a year after the beginning of quarantine, the share of freelancing in Russia increased by another 15%.

Despite all the advantages of freelance specialists who can independently perform work commissioned by enterprises, this approach showed its inefficiency for the execution of complex projects where there should be different competencies simultaneously involved. So, as a result we began to observe a new phenomenon in the labor market – teamlancers.

Teamlancers are about uniting freelancers into teams to accomplish shared projects. This is the highest form of organization of the work of free specialists. It is enough to imagine how much effort companies spend to teach working in a team people who are not personally familiar. Attracting teamlancers, the company takes an already close-knit team of professionals sharpened for the result: they do not need time to get used to work together.

What is important for the efficient operation of a remote team

• Manager

In teamlance, the most important is the competence of managers capable of organizing the work of a remote team – and this is a new type of specialists, which enter the market.

• Standards

As in the classical approach, an important factor in effective cooperation is the creation of regulations and standardization of work. This allows to avoid misunderstandings and get the result that was expected.

• Ease of interaction

The next element that simplifies the interaction of professionals, working in a flexible team is  setting the work to be systematic. Assembling flexible team of teamlancers is a difficult question, but this is not the whole task to solve. Then the process of interaction begins in constant mode, and here it is important to create interaction space on the principle of eliminating routine. Companies capable of creating a system of simple and understandable interaction of free specialists, will receive significant cost reduction.

• Safety and Warranty

And here again the answer is the system. Even the professionals, most passionate about their business, should be guaranteed to receive remuneration for work they have done. And companies want to be confident in the fulfillment of duties by remote employees in full within the specified time frame. Quality recruitment system helps with this: professionalism level and team work ability testing with understanding of responsibility for a common project.

In general, it  is not so easy now  to find people who do not live according to the principle  “I don’t care, it’s none of my business”, and when the result depends on this ability, its importance grows significantly. The stage of creating a team of players is one of the fundamentals in the process of flexible teams’ development projects.

Teamlancers as a solution to personnel deficit in industry

Industry today is experiencing a real personnel shortage: deficit are not only top-level professionals, but also ordinary specialists. A person, which understands its demand in the market, is not ready for relocation out of the capital. Comfort level is an important factor for decisions on employment. According to the results of the study of and SberPodbor, distance to get to working place is one of the most common reasons for refusal to the employer: 34% participants rejected the offer of the employer, since the work was far from home.

In this case, remote teams are the way out for conservative industries of the economy to involve professionals with the right set of competencies and knowledge. Until 8 years ago, I was puzzled by the issue of creating flexible remote teams in the field of engineering work. The result was a full-fledged Internet platform (Profdepo), whose task is to build a cloud product that removes all collisions of interaction between specialists.

The service includes everything you need to work efficiently and securely that makes life easier for businessmen: it helps teams and customers to find each other, guarantees the security of transactions, promotes and controls solving the set tasks within the specified time frame, reduces the costs, increases the marginality of the business and, in general, develops the professionalism level in the regions through the transfer of the experience of remote employees’ teams to the company staff during joint cooperation within the project.

Now the project is undergoing a stage of testing and revision and will be fully launched until the end of 2022.

By Natalia Filina, entrepreneur, founder of companies in the field of design and engineering surveys and owner of Profdepo LLC

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