Young scientists from Perm Polytechnic University patent construction technology for houses on unstable soil

As cities grow, building residential neighborhoods on unstable ground is becoming increasingly relevant. For future homes to be able to withstand subsidence and soil shrinkage, soil bedding is commonly used. Perm engineers developed reinforcing for manmade bedding that will not only allow building up to five floors on sand, silt-loam and peaty soil but will also lower the cost of materials.

Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

An extended description of the technology was published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2021.

Currently, the common soil strengthening method is installing circular rigid reinforcers. To prove the effectiveness and simplicity of the bedding with varied-step reinforcement, the young scientists conducted numerical experiments and various calculations.

“Here is how we reinforce a sand-based foundation bedding: in the construction pit, we densify the soil bedding layer by layer. On the puddled layers, we lay reinforcement materials at alternating tread. Closer to the foundation, the layers of sheets and anchor blocks are placed with smaller gaps, which reduces deformation of the foundation and ensures its high bearing capacity. A supporting structure is then installed on the sand-based reinforced bedding,” explains Daniil Tatyannikov, Associated Professor of the Department of Construction Technology and Geotechnology.

According to the scientist, the advantage of the proposed reinforced sand-based bedding is that it ensures high bearing capacity thanks to reinforcement components being placed at alternating tread, while the structure itself is lighter and more cost-effective.  

The inventors obtained a patent for the reinforced sand-based foundation bedding. The method will soon be adapted for use on frozen soil.

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