Telecom tariffs to go up in Russia in 2019

Credit: Maksim Blinov | RIAN

The Ministry of Communications expressed hope that the increase of telecom tariffs in 2019 will not be a global trend. Earlier, three large mobile network operators informed their clients about increasing tariffs.

The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media said they realize how big of a burden mobile service providers will feel next year. According to Communications Minister Konstantin Noskov, tax rates will be increased and the ‘Yarovaya law’ will come into force, according to which telecom service providers will have to store user data and correspondence. All of this will significantly complicate the work of mobile network operators, Regnum information agency says. Vympelkom, Megafon and Tele2 informed their clients about increased tariffs by sending them texts.

Vympelkom will raise prices at the 1.01 coefficient. Megafon will increase its tariffs starting January 9. Tele2 will reconsider the prices in accordance with the changes on the market; their services will cost more starting January 1. Beeline said that it will change only corporate tariffs. According to a survey conducted by the TelecomDaily information and analytical agency, in 2019 landline tariffs will go up by at least 10%.

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