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Tent architecture: A lucrative business for 2020

In 2019, the market for tents and temporary pavilions showed high growth rates and great prospects for the future. What are the reasons behind its fast growth?

The main reason is definitely a high demand for quickly erectable structures, which now have broader uses than one-off events (from weddings to festivals to academic conferences); non-permanent pavilions can also be built for social projects. The prospects for the tent architecture market are huge because more and more different structures are being developed using this technology.

Largest 2019 projects in Russia

Over 9.5K sq. m. of premises have been built for the Healthy Moscow project that went on stream in 2019. The production and construction of the pavilions, along with the installation of medical equipment and other amenities for the medics’ work were completed in 45 days. Over 700 professionals were involved in the project.

The facilities offered Muscovites free express health status evaluations that only took an hour. People strolling around city parks could stop by and take a blood test, consult a specialist or do a scan. The project had a huge response. More than 56% of visitors later booked appointments at community outpatient clinics.

Also in 2019, a complex of canopy tents was built in Zhukovsky for the MAKS 2019 International Air Show, which was visited by over 570K people. The event was held under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation and had a great response from various areas of business.

Last year, over 8,000 people attended the successful RUBAE International Business Aviation Fair in Vnukovo.  Several tents covering a total area of over 1.2K sq. m. were put up at Vnukovo-3 Airport. The fair rounded up with a party in the VIPPORT multi-tent facility that hosted a reception, an entertainment program and performances.

Hardships in the industry

Tent architecture has its own specifics and is different from the construction business in general. As far as the construction industry is concerned, generally recognized and standardized solutions based on global experience have existed there for quite some time, which makes it significantly easier to carry out large-scale projects. The tent industry is still developing, with many engineering and technological solutions being implemented for the first time.

Who are customers? 

In most cases, tent projects are ordered by city administrations and private venue owners (resorts, hotels, etc.). Structures that can be erected fast are used for temporary events such as concerts, festivals and forums, the event organizers being the customer in this case.

In 2019, while the number of orders remained the same, the scope and scale of structures expanded. Events are becoming bigger and requiring high-quality infrastructure.

Market expectations in 2020

  1. Social dimension: more projects will be focusing on public health and safety. Quickly erectable structures will be used both for sport and entertainment events and for socially important causes.
  2. Complex architectural solutions: contemporary buildings feature intricacy and in addition to their practical function are also esthetically pleasing and attract locals and tourists.
  3. Customers are interested in not just receiving a pavilion, but in solving a task: for instance, for the Healthy Moscow project, each pavilion had comfortable temperature, separate rooms and utility lines installed.
  4. More attention is being given to heat insulation properties of the structures: the popularity of all-year-round structures for a long-germ use grows every year.

In 2021, the tent architecture market in Russia will be steadily growing due to the increasing demand in quickly erectable structures.

Interacting with the audience

It is important for all companies to show the value of their product to their clients. Quality can guarantee that customers will return.

Businesses should tell the client about the production and construction processes, publish information about their projects on the company website and on its social media accounts. It is very important to be open for the end user. YouTube is also an efficient means of promoting your product because it is possible to explain the complexity of projects using video format. This is how connectivity with subscribers is established to make customer loyalty grow.

A website is another way to communicate with the audience. Users can find detailed information about the company, see photos and videos of production process and from construction sites, and read relevant articles.

Clients should also be given the opportunity to come to the office, talk to employees, visit the production facility and see ready projects to make sure the product is of high quality. This means that the business should be transparent.

By Alexey Maslov, owner of Imperial Tent company engaged in building folding tents and pavilions

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