The Central Bank estimated when economy will recover

The Bank of Russia described the scenario of a two-year economic recovery in its report on monetary policy, Kommersant reports.

According to the forecast of the mega-regulator, in 2024 the growth will be supported by investments made in the previous two years.

Of course, economic recovery depends on many factors, starting with global conjuncture and political stability, ending with price changes on oil and gas, level of investment and others, the managing director of Alfa-Forex Kirill Dronov notes.

“Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict the exact start date of recovery, – the expert said to “Invest-Foresight”. – However, in the report of the Bank of Russia the terms are quite close – two years. Obviously, considering serious economic challenges that Russia has faced in recent years associated with sanctions, falling oil prices and other factors, authorities are taking steps to boost investment attractiveness of the country, stimulating the export and development of some sectors of the economy.”

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