Users can make money by teaching robots

Developers of the Dbrain blockchain project that is involved in teaching Artificial Intelligence are launching a new project, the Handl platform. Users will be able to teach the neural network at the heart of the platform and earn money. 

Handl is looking for people that can determine what items are depicted in pictures by clicking on them. For example, if a picture shows several cows, the marker needs to highlight them. If a picture shows a message, users need to highlight the parts of the message that come from different sources. The users’ work will allow creating a database required for teaching Artificial Intelligence. Eventually, AI will be able to identify the objects in pictures without any help, Profil reports.  

This teaching principle is at the core of the neural network operation.

Currently, Handl has 25,000 registered users. A new marker needs to take training first and then will be able to perform tasks. By highlighting objects he can earn up to $3 per hour. 

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