Veliky Novgorod company to produce gluten-free cereal

Stashevskoye, an agricultural company based in Veliky Novgorod, will soon become a domestic provider of gluten-free oatmeal, a relatively new type of product for the Russian market.

This group of proteins is not absolutely toxic but consumption of gluten by people with certain health issues may result in gluten being bound to amino acids that can simultaneously trigger autoimmune reactions. Some people also have latent gluten intolerance.

Building the facility required over RUR 300 mio ($4.9 mio) in investment. The multi-line production comprises a grain dryer, a platform where oats are processed into cereal, a packaging floor and storage. The company cultivates its own grain.

Stashevskoye is one of the first agricultural companies in the country to set up a full-cycle production of gluten-free cereal. The company grows genetically clean oats that it also harvests and transports to its own storage facilities. The quality of the end product is controlled up to European standards.

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