Wine tourism to develop in the Caucasus

Azerbaijani capital Baku hosted an assembly on Caucasus wine route called Iter Vitis Qafqaz that will run through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia, Azernews portal reports. The event was organized by Azerbaijan Tourism Board jointly with the European Institute of Cultural Routes and the Iter Vitis Cultural Route.

According to Sharifa Hasanova, the head of the Tourism Product & Destination Development Department of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, the tourism project will give an impetus to the development of wine tourism in the Caucasus.

An action plan within the Caucasus wine route for 2020 was approved. This year, member countries will implement a series of activities along this route, actively participate in its popularization on international platforms, as well as in the implementation of cultural and tourist exchanges between the countries. It was noted that the wine associations of each participating country will conduct a series of trainings to exchange experience and develop winemaking.

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