$6 tln for civil aircraft

During the first day of the Airshow China international airshow held in Zhuhai, China, the public joint stock company United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) presented its annual Market Outlook for the next 20 years. According to the forecast, UAC estimates the total demand for new passenger aircraft with more than 30 seats in 2018-2037 to exceed 43.6K aircraft worth over $6 tln in 2018 catalogue prices, UAC’s webpage reports.

According to the Corporation’s long-term development strategy, UAC’s revenue from sales of commercial aircraft should reach 45% from total sales, outgrowing other revenue segments.

In his opening remarks, UAC President Yury Slyusar noted: “The innovative development of the industrial model, increasing production rates of narrow- and wide- body aircraft are paving the way to new market segmentation approaches. The changing competition conditions are leading to further fleets optimization, adjustment of air transportation models, and the demand for new civil aircraft in general”.

According to the outlook, the annual passenger turnover rates during 2018-2037 will grow by 4.6% per year. Narrow body aircraft with 110 and more seats will be the most demanded by the airlines, capturing 68% of the whole market in quantity and 56% by value. The total demand for wide body aircraft will amount to almost 8 thousand aircraft, which is by value 40% of the total market in 2018 prices. Demand for new jet aircraft with 30-110 seats will amount to about 4 thousand aircraft – with only 3.1% of the total market value. The demand for turboprop aircraft will is estimated at 2.2K aircraft.

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