Army 2019: Russian close combat weapons earn excellent reputation

On the sidelines of the Army 2019 5th International Military-Technical Forum taking place at the Patriot Exhibition Center in the Moscow Region on June 25-30, Russia’s weaponry exporter Rosoboronexport has signed a number of contracts with foreign customers for the supply of Russian small arms and close combat weapons, corporate website reports.

“The Russian industry produces the entire range of close combat weapons, which have proved indispensable in real combat situations, earning excellent reputation and respect around the world. The new contracts not only demonstrate consistently high demand for small arms and grenade launchers and their ammunition being developed by Russian arms makers, but also indicate a global trend towards a growing demand for effective means to counter terrorism and crime. Rosoboronexport is ready to meet this demand fully,” Alexander Mikheev, Rosoboronexport CEO, said.

Rosoboronexport has been making active marketing efforts to export Russian-made civilian and service weapons. Dozens of commercial proposals relating to the ORSIS T-5000 rifles, Saiga-9, Saiga-12 carbines, and many other designs and their ammunition are under consideration by potential foreign buyers who have also shown interest in the Vepr carbines and civilian versions of the Tigr sniper rifles.

“Rosoboronexport already has concrete results of its efforts to promote civilian and service weapons: in 2018, we signed the first export contract for the supply of Russian hunting sniper rifles and ammunition. Today we have new serious customers from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and the Arab East. Rosoboronexport is ready not only to supply finished products to the international market, but also to assist foreign partners in the joint development and production of Russian weapons. For example, in March 2019, a joint venture to produce Kalashnikov assault rifles of the latest AK-200 series was launched in India,” Mikheev noted.

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