Artificial intelligence will turn the world into Orwell State – expert

Artificial intelligence can transform reality into something described by George Orwell in his books, Andrei Yurov, board member of the International Civic Initiative for OSCE, told a news conference at Rosbalt on Monday, June 10.

The most recent technologies allow controlling all residents on such vast territories as Moscow, the expert said.

New technologies can track people’s movement 24/7. The topic of human rights in the digital age is becoming more and more relevant,” Andrei Yurov said.

According to him, robots are created by imperfect humans, who have actually destroyed almost half of animal species over the past 50 years.

So autonomous robots will be as imperfect as humans, and will remain so until autonomous robots learn how to make autonomous robots themselves,” the expert emphasized, adding that the development of autonomous robots should be suspended until people agree on how they would be legally regulated.

I’m sure that killer robots are no different from anti-personnel mines, which kill children most often, as we all know. So autonomous robots should be banned just like anti-personnel mines,” the expert concluded.

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