PM on a four-day workweek

Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took part in a plenary meeting of the 108th Session of the International Labor Conference, government website reported.

Speaking at the meeting, he noted that “people must have an opportunity to study throughout their careers. Training, retraining and acquiring interdisciplinary and completely new knowledge and skills allow one person to live several professional lives, something previously unheard of, to become a recognized expert in a number of areas, and, most importantly, to always remain sought-after by employers.”

“As technology develops, for many people their own home is becoming a workplace. I am talking about increasingly popular remote and part-time employment. It is a mass phenomenon now involving an entire social group, freelancers. This kind of employment transcends state borders and national labor markets. Digital technology provides almost unlimited opportunities for work and self-actualization regardless of gender, age, social status and place of residence. This is the new paradigm of labor, and it is a promising incentive for talented people, especially those who live in developing countries,” he said, pointing out, “Technological progress is not only reducing the number of jobs but also the working hours, thus expanding leisure time. It may well be that the future lies with a four-day workweek as a standard for social-labor contracts.”

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